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I want to try Game Sync on my 3ds. I got the game when I had a non connected Ds XL, but now I have a connected 3ds XL. But when I try to get on, a message comes up saying something about how you cant do it. I really want to. Why cant I?


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I believe your problem isn't your DS, but it's your game. It has to be in its most updated state. Make sure your game is fully updated. If it is,you should he able to get online with it

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Some games wouldn't work like that. My pokemon X/Y and ORAS are fully updated, but something extra is needed for Game Sync.
Ah... I didn't know that. I thought it was just online things, which is usually fixed with updates :/
its Black and Black 2 im trying to do
There's something needed for Game Sync, but I never took the initiative to find out what
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Try this

Hope it helped! :)