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I'm looking for a Dragonair with HA in the Friend Safari then I wanna breed a Dragonite with HA, but I have a doubt. Both Pokémons have different HA, so how can I get a Dragonite with a HA if Dragonair have other?



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This actually isn't a problem. If a Pokemon has a different Hidden Ability to its evolution, when it evolves, its ability will change to whatever the evolution's is.

So when Dragonair evolves, its Hidden Ability, Marvel Scale, will turn into Multiscale, because that is Dragonite's Hidden Ability. Dragonite cannot have Marvel Scale.

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When Dragonair evolves, if it has a hidden ability, it will switch to Dragonite's hidden ability (Multiscale).

So if you catch one with Marvel Scale, upon evolution it will change to Multiscale.

Source: Experience