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Example: I am breeding female Litwick with male Tynamo. Can levitate from my Tynamo be past to my baby Litwick or does passing abilities by breeding work only on the same baby female Pokemon so my Litwick gets Flame body or Flash fire?

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No that's not how ability breeding works. From Gen V and below it's the female who determine what ability the offspring gets. In B/W to pass down HA it's a 60% to breed with a female + a Pokemon of the same egg group. In B/W 2 that chance was bumped to 80%. In Gen VI you could use male/genderless Pokemon and Ditto to pass down HAs but the females still surpassed the males/genderless in statistics to breeding down abilities.

Btw isn't this almost the same as your other q?

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Yes, kinda is. Thanks.