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I heard it copies natures and characteristics. Another site said "not characteristics". Another said 50% of natures copied. I dont know if it works on ditto or which Pokemon to give it to. Thanks for your help.


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In gen I to IV, if you give it to a female in the daycare there is a 50% chance of the egg of getting the same nature as the the female.
In gen V, you can give it to the male or female and there is a 100% chance of the egg inheriting the nature.
It has nothing to do with IVs (characteristics), IV passing items are power items.

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Hey, I have a quick question about what u said. On my Pokémon White, which I believe is gen 5, I bred a male Seviper(with an Adamant nature; holding an everstone) with my female Axew (Hasty nature; perfect IVs for Sp.Def and Spd; holding a Power Band) because I'm trying to breed for an Axew with perfect IVs(except for Sp.Atk cuz I'm gonna make him a physical attacker) with the move Night Slash but for some reason the baby ended up being an Axew with a Hasty nature instead of Adamant, so I was wondering if maybe its either a glitch or there's a very slim chance and I just got unlucky
The 100% chance of passing natures down was introduced in Black 2 and White 2. Since you're playing the original White, it was still a 50% chance to pass the nature down.
Ok, that makes allot more sense, thank you :)