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Is it too late to power up my oshawott?

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its lvl 52 its late I know but would the stats be less if I evolve it now? since I didnt evolve it earlier

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2 Answers

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It doesn't matter the only thing you wont get by evolving it later is some moves, but the stats will be the same.

Edit: If you never evolve your Pokémon it will not be as strong as it would if you evolved it.

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so if i leave it the same will it be as strong as its 3rd evolution or no?
No. (fillet)
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Evolving a Pokemon makes it stronger! The point of not evolving a 1st evo Pokemon is to gain the moves quicker than its full evo's for example>>

Oshawott leanrs Hydro Pump at lv 43 but Samurott learns it at lv 62... First evo's gain the moves quicker.

In concern of oshawott missing out on moves..... it appears to me that it will NOT miss on Any.... It still learns retaliate andaqua tail as a minor evo..

Hope I helped.

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ok well that answers the skills quest but what about the stats? would they have been the same if i had evolve it ealrier?
Yes, they would be the same.
Infact the stats would be greater, but I'm sure by now; you've evolved it already!