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I put him in day care for an ice punch scraggy, but the scraggy didn't have ice punch when it hatched. I took a look at smeargle and ice punch turned into sketch again.

Did Smeargle have Ice Punch when you put it in?

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Are you asking why your Smeargle no longer has Ice Punch?

If you are:

  • If your Smeargle has a full set of moves, it may have lost the move Ice Punch as it grew to level 21/31/41/51/61/71/81/91, and therefore Ice Punch got replaced for Sketch.
  • You may have simply failed to put Ice Punch on your Smeargle. In Wi-Fi battles all Sketched Moves do not get permanently sketched, also in Battle Towers, Maisons and Subways etc.

You've got Sketch back - simply get Ice Punch back on your Smeargle and breed again, to get your Ice Punch Scraggy.

Hope I helped. :)
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Yeah he had ice punch as his only move when I put him in and I had a junk use ice punch and smeargle sketched it in the battle maison.
In the Battle Maison - yeah, it would have just reverted back to Sketch. Sorry :[