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I know you can find Luvdiscs with them but is there any other way to get Heart Scales?


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Yeah you can find a couple;
There are a total of 3 Heart Scales in Kalos Route 8
>Mountain Level; thin path on right side of Ambrette Town Pokémon Center, follow all the way to the end.
Coastal Level; west of the stairs, buried in the sand (hidden, reappears occasionally)
Coastal Level; in a rock south of TM19 (requires Surf) (hidden)

You can get one in Coumarine City
>In the Hilcreast side of town, after defeating the Champion, Tierno resides on the cliff edge. Each day, he will ask to see a Pokémon with a dancing move. If the player shows him one, he will give a Heart Scale.

One in Frost Cavern
>East of the waterfall on the lower level (requires Surf and Waterfall)

One in Azure Bay
>On the western part of the route, among the five non-breakable rocks surrounding the Advanced Tips sign, inside the northwestern boulder (hidden)

Additionally you can find them with the Pickup Ability
>Level 51-60 - 3%; Level 61-70 - 5%; Level 71-80 - 10%; Level 81-90 - 10%; Level 91-100 - 10%

You can buy them in the PokéMile Seller for 125 PokeMiles per Heart Scale
And yes like you said, you have a 50% chance of finding them on Luvdisc, so you can steal it from them/catch them.

Source: Bulbapedia and Serebii

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I know of another way. It's via an official site used for Pokemon called'' Pokémon Global Link''... On menu options you can see Poke'Miles right... There usually used in Luminouse city at the first Pokemon centre... Well at Pokemon global link you can spend them on heart scales too and only costs 100 poke miles per 1x... You can buy as many as you'd like provided you have the poke miles in exchange for them. Simply go to this site and follow the instructions from there.

The other answer is also valid. (I have up voted it also)

http://www.pokemon-gl.com/ Simply follow the instructions as followed.

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"You can buy them in the PokéMile Seller for 125 PokeMiles per Heart Scale"

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He means if u log in to GL
He's asking where to find heart scales..