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I have Pokemon x and I was thinking of getting Pokemon y for a fresh start but I was wondering if I could trade between the two at anytime is it possible.

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If you are talking about trading with another person that has a different version, it is the same as any other type of trade, except they get version exclusives.

If you mean by trading with yourself, you would have to have 2 DS's. Another way to get Pokemon between versions is to use pokebank on a single DS and deposit a Pokemon from one version, then take it out of the other.

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I agree with Whatson but there's also another way. Use/Purchase Pokebank and transfer Pokemon from one game to the other. I have 2 3ds's and use only 1 3ds for transfers back and forth... It's a lot quicker than 1.to.1 trades because you can transfer entire boxes across.

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