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I was out and I played Pokemon Y in the car. Suddenly I got a spotpass thing so I saved and checked it but it wasnt for Mii Plaza instead under the game thing it was a green button and I connected to the internet but nothing happened. What is that green thing?


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The blue dot is a Spotpass notification while the green dot is a Streetpass notification.

For more information about Spotpass notifications click here.

For more information about Streetpass notifications click here.

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But why is it under my game?
It's basically a news announcement informing you how many people you have passed, how many PokéMiles you've earned through it, and the total amount of PokéMiles you have obtained throughout the game. The link I provided for Streetpass notifications explains this and tells you how to get rid of them :)
So I met someone with pokemon X Y in sween?
But I cant get rid of it
just ignore it
How can I get rid of it ?