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I'm trying to find out which episode this video is and I figured that the best way would be to read the summaries of all the episodes in which that guy in the green suit is rather than outright ask the episode title. So, who is he?


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That guy in the green suit is Richie, and I'm pretty sure the episode's name is " A Friend In Deed"

As per Bulbapedia:

Ritchie (Japanese: ヒロシ Hiroshi), occasionally spelled Richie, is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is a Pokémon Trainer from Frodomar City and a rival of Ash. He first appeared in A Friend In Deed. Ritchie first appeared in A Friend In Deed and quickly befriended his fellow Indigo Plateau Conference competitor, Ash Ketchum, in an elevator. When the elevator went out, he plugged in a device to Ash's Pikachu and got the elevator running again. Ritchie met up with Ash again outside. While Team Rocket had Trainers put in their Poké Balls in a sack, Ritchie discovered their scheme and he and Ash went after them. The two were unable to catch up to Team Rocket and camped out until the next day. Ritchie saw tire tracks and led them to Team Rocket's van. When he went inside, he was spotted by Team Rocket and the trio trapped him and Ash in the van. They were able to escape with the Poké Balls retrieved from Team Rocket.

Both the van and the Pokeballs are in the clip you shared, along with Team Rocket.\

Ritchie's Bulbapedia Article

Hope I helped :)

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