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i stopped playing pearl awhile back but wanted to finish the game.. (which I'm about to go challange to e4)trying to find heart scales for the move reminder but I dont have the dowsing machine or even the poketch cant find guy that gives it to me or clowns please help

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Wait did you hack? You’re supposed to get the poketch at the start of the game.
The Poketch is supposed to be on your touchscreen when you're walking around in the overworld, and your rival isn't supposed to let you go to Route 203 before you get it. What do you have on your touchscreen when you're walking around?

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I feel like a complete and utterly giant idiot! thank you sumwun. I just realized that my clock was infact the poketch. I never thought about tapping it. thank you for your answer and thank you falsebenguy21 for your reply and no I didnt get hacked. well now I guess I can go find thoses hidden objects now.

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