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i have seen all 150 Pokemon gotten the pokeradar and the national dex in Pokemon pearl but I still cant find him what do I do. if you can help me btw you sare a legend bc I have been trying this for 3 months now. <3

Is the problem that you can't find it where it's supposed to be, or that you don't know where to find it?
This is why we have all those good things. Pksm, PKHeX, PokeGen, Pokedit, Action replay, Gameshark and powersaves. Thank god for hacks.

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You need to be on route 203 or 204 when you use the PokeRadar key item.

Apparently on route 23 there is 21% chance Poke Radar gets a Ralts. 1% chance you get Kirlia.(USING POKE RADAR).

On Route 204(Only on the southern part) there is a 21% chance of finding Ralts and 1% of finding Kirlia. (USING POKE RADAR).


Make sure you are not on the Northern Part of route 204 tho. It’ll take a some time to find.

Answer took 4 minutes with bad WiFi.

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I know that in Pt, you can find non-Sinnoh Pokemon only in sparkly grass, not the kind that just shakes gently. This might not be true in P.
Not too sure. Gen 4 was the only time I used an Action replay (Because Azure flute, Member Card and Oak’s letter). So I didn’t end up using PokeRadar...
I think the sparkly grass is reserved for Shinies.
In Pt (again, I'm less sure about DP), the grass that can contain non-Sinnoh Pokemon has more yellowish sparkles, and the shiny grass is more white.