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last night I was playing on my dsi but I dropped it, I picked it up and the game was OFF so I turned it on. when I got through the palkia start button the scariest thing appeared. the screen was a blue color and the only thing that was not blue was a message that said "The save file is corrupted. The previous save file will be loaded." I got so scared. how do I fix it? what will happen if I save once more? will my game be destroyed? PLZ HELP

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Your save file probably, as the text said, corrupted, the screen was probably blue because when you reset your save file, or when it corrupts, it uses a blue filler screen. I hate to tell you but you'll probably have to start over or on the file it loads. Just so you know, I don't believe this is a glitch, but the games procedure of dealing with a corrupt file. I hope I helped.

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You don't necessarily have to restart your game. When my file got "corrupted" I simply turned the game off, took out the cartridge, and reinserted it. When I started the game back up, my save file was fine.
i wont restart it cuz i forgot to mention,  if i press A/ok button i will get that 3 options, (continue, wifi settings, and new game) if i press continue, i will just get a normal game.