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Right now my pokemon team is really low on skill so I need some super pokemon to help me. If you know how or where to find a.. Ralts, Eevee, Riolu, or Togepi please help me find them, I need them to defete the gym leader in canavle city - POKEMON PEARL

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You can find a Ralts on Routes 203 & 204 only by using the PokeRadar

You get Eevee from the Trophy Garden by asking the Owner what pokemon are in there.(Save before talking to him and reset if you don't get Eevee.

Riolu is an egg and is given to you after you complete or when you reach Iron Mountain.

Togepi can also be found on Route 203 by using the PokeRadar.

Please note that the PokeRadar can only be obtain by going inside Pal Park for the first time after beating the Elite Four.

Something you can do is use the GTS and try to find the pokemon you desire

You get a egg with Riolu from a guy named Riley on Iron Island.  You need to get to the end of the cave with him.  You need to have an empty slot in your party to accept Riolu.  However, I think you can only get to Iron Island once you've beaten the gym you are stuck on.
you can get togepi from cynthia...or is that just in platinum?
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That is where you find them. I accidently found one when I didn't want it and then when I wanted one I couldn't find it.