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In Couriway Town, he comes and tells you that he hid something and that if you find it, you can keep it. What is this thing? Where can I find it? I don't remember much since I couldn't find it and beat the game. Please help! Thanks! :)


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It is a message seemingly carved into the floor.
Next to the Pokemon center go up the stairs to the platform, there will be a lady there that gives you U-Turn.

>if you stand inbetween the two benches to the right of her, take one step south, one step east, and then turn around, you'll find a written message seemingly carved into the floor. It's not a hidden item, so it wont get picked up by the dowsing machine.

The message is pretty interesting. It doesn't say if this is the actual gift but most people are convinced it is, since it's more special than getting an item.

Sources: Walkthrough and Gamefaqs

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Hid hid it on one of the seats at the train station platform at Couriway Town, past the person who gives you the TM U-Turn. It is a letter that he wrote to his future self. It says:

>To the person reading this:
What are you like now? Did you become who you wanted to become? For starters, what was the person you wanted to become even like? It don't know, but it would be wonderful if you could boast that you're living each day to its fullest.
To future Sycamore.
From the Sycamore dreaming of the future.

This is just a little Easter egg the developers threw in. It doesn't do anything significant.

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Wait, that's what it is? I thought it was the Prism Scale I found. xD
i thought it was the gyarados mega stone that you find in the waterfall near the prism scale xD