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Warning: Potentially Trivial Question

In XY, when you meet Professor Sycamore in Couriway Town, he says "by stopping Team Flare, you also saved Lysandre". I think we've accepted that there are 2 possible conclusions of what actually happened to Lysandre. Either he obtained immortality which somehow also allowed him to survive the big explosions or much more likely, he died.

So what does Sycamore mean when he says that you saved Lysandre? Is this really meta and saying we saved him from what he would have become? Would Pokémon ever get that deep?


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This is what I believe.

Lysandre didn't want to kill Pokemon, but he thought it had to be done. He loved his Pokemon, but knew he couldn't save them in his perfect world. If Lysandre had gained immortality, he would have been lonely forever, since his Pokemon must perish by his ideals. So, essentially, you saved him from infinite suffering by letting him die.

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oww. though atleast ya saved him. ehh.
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I think he only died in the Y version, because Xerneas is the pokémon that brings life and AZ became immortal by activating the Ultimate Weapon. Perhaps the machine has a different effect from long to close range and the Legendary used. He quotes that he wants Calem/Serena & co. to live forever and endure the pain of waiting forever for a perfect world.
What Sycamore said can be taken in many ways, so this is mine as for Pokémon X: by becoming immortal, Lysandre (just like AZ) will eventually realize what he intended to do would only do damage to himself and everyone else. As for the both games, the main character saved him from himself, either by giving him a long time to think or by ending his life.

That's what Lysandre's defeat and Sycamore's words meant to me.