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Today Lysandre's Trump Card got banned from TCG play. WHY? idk why it is OP


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Most likely because it allows you to take your entire discard pile and shove it back into your deck.

>It was announced in June 2015 that Lysandre's Trump Card was to be banned from all sanctioned Pokémon TCG tournaments as it was ruled to create an unbalanced playing environment. The specific concerns were:
• It would eliminate the possibility of a player running out of cards in their deck, a victory condition for the other player.
• It allowed repeated use of trainer cards.
• It allowed a player to quickly draw through their deck without any negative effects.
• It significantly increased the length of battles.
~ Bulbapedia

Lysandre's Trump Card

that is one big picture
Ironaically, that is the thumbnail link.
It does help to be able to read the card though.
I have a non full-art one at home
Wow! That is a big picture!  And great art!