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The first image is the back of the second image. I haven't found another Pichu card with the same back anywhere on the internet, they all have the standard back of a regular card. I'm almost certain this card isn't a fake, and I've seen the back displayed on other cards on the internet, but not a Pichu. What is this back, why is it different from the standard, why is it on my Pichu, and why can't I find any others with the same back? I'm looking at this Ebay page, it if matters.

I think that's just because the Pichu card is older.
I'm pretty sure the other cards I'm looking at are the same age as this one, but they don't have the same back.
That back was the back of all Japanese Cards from 2003- I don't know when.
Thanks! However, my Pichu is English, and it's from 2002.

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European cards back from 2002 to the end of Gen 4 cards all had that back. I know this because I have many European cards and Chinese cards that have that back on them.

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Can you give me an example of one of the cards you have like this?
I have a Mareep that is from the same or similar expansion as yours. It has the same e-reader barcode on the side. It is a European card and has that back on it
Alright, thanks!
I also have a Chinese Zekrom that has that back on it.