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I thought Lysandre and Sycamore were schooled/ went to university together, but that was just somebody's AU that I got mixed up with. I remember that Lysandre's talking to Sina when you first see him in the game, and he says:

>"Professor Sycamore has taught me so much."

Is his relationship with Sycamore explained any where (anime, manga, etc.)?

Good Question. I don't care tho.
They might have been good friends gone bitter :P
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1 question how this question gonna help?
If it's just impossible, it'll be hidden, but if it can be answered then general curiosity questions are allowed. People just got  miffed at curiosity questions getting a tonne of votes and couldn't be answered.
It doesnt say any where about there relationship :I and this is probally just for points
What the hell happened when I was asleep.

And by the way, I wanted to know that if either the manga/ anime explained their relationship, because I don't read/ watch either.
I just thought it was interesting because there's never been a Professor who's friends with the villain of a main game.
Shy Guy Of Justice please stop.If this question is impossible then it'll get hidden but this is a very interesting question.So stop complaining at the amount of votes this got.

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I read that he was closely acquainted with the Professor and that they used to work on research projects in the past.

Here's the link where I obtained my information from.

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What a reliable source :P
That's in the video game by the way
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To know a site like that... you must be associated to the underworld or something :o