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I have a shiny Charizard from Wonder Trade, and it says, "Received at Level 10. Location: Lumiose City." From this I can deduct that it was received as shiny from Professor Sycamore as a Charmander. Is it possible that this could have happened? Or is it hacked?

You can get Shiny Kalos starters, so I would assume the Kanto starters can be Shiny as well. I feel bad for they guy who went through that boring Pokémon battle sooooo many times to get a Shiny Charmander.

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Yes, it is possible as you'll have to get lucky after soft resetting and uncertain amount of times. It is possible it just takes time!

To do this just save before battling him, battle him, then get your Starter, if not shiny then press L+R+Start or Select. This will reset you to your previous save point.

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I find it ironic that he give you one of the starters he battles you with, but it will suddenly change from normal to Shiny.
Yeah I know right? and thanks!