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So far I have gotten a gen 3 starter, a gen 2 starter, a gen 5 starter, and a gen 4 starter from professor birch, however, I have not gotten any more starters from him. What I am wondering, is there a certain action you have to perform, or certain criteria you need to meet, to get a starter from another generation?

Why ? Because GF felt generous :)

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Only Sinnoh, Johto, Unova and Hoenn starters are available in ORAS

Hoenn Starters - Save Prof . Birch from a Pocheyana

Johto Starters - Defeat the E4 and Prof. Birch will call you after you leave your house. He is under attack by a Shroomish and asks ypu to help him by choosing a starter from his bag -_-

Sinnoh Starters-Deafeat the E4 again and the same scenario will happen as it did for the Johto Pokemons - but instead of Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita you'll get Turtwig, Chimchar and Pliplup

Unova Starters - Complete the Delta Episode and come put your house and Prof. Birch is being attacked by a Machop. He asks for help and allows you to choose a Unova Starter


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whats up about prof birch being attacked by pokemon do pokemon hate him
He tried to givr injections to the Wild Pokemon and they got really angry :P
Perhaps he's not a good professor?
His kids let them on him because he grounded them
Prof. Brich is my favorite professor. He's quirky and really laid back. ^^
Ehhh. Prof Rowan was cool . ^-^ But Prof.Birch isn't terrible but he's not really a favourite xD
i know this is late, but after an update, it can glitch and when you leave your house after you beat the game, it doesn't always pop, (might be because i never picked up amulet coin) in this case, fly around a bit, come back and enter/ leave your house and it should pop.