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I have been curious when I had first played soul silver & I now realise after starting over for fun that it is already gone by the time you have to show togepi to elm. I'm thinking Lyra might have it, but I don't know.

it may be with someone in kanto, who knows

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No one knows.....well actually during the progression of your game it sits in its pokeball,so i guess its doomed to be there for all eternity.

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Your answer is a good one, but later in my game (Both of the actually) the third one disappears. So what then?
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Maybe it was stolen like in that one generation's episodes that I forgot...and Proffessor Elm didn't think it was something worth mentioning to a ten-year-old
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It's possible that he kept it, and this could be a possibility since in the beta version of Red/Blue/Green Prof. Oak can be battled and one of his Pokemon is the starter that neither you nor your rival chose. The most likely thing is that either he kept it or he released it.

Actually, I recently watched a didyouknow gaming, and this is correct. You can still fight him through  hacking.