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The only female starter I've gotten is a Chimchar on Diamond, and I bred a female Totodile on Platinum from the male Feraligatr I got on Heartgold, but other than that, all the others were male. What gives?

Got the female Totodile on the first try, too! :)
I always get a girl starter but not on the first try for me to get a girl i takes me maybe 3-11 tries so think there should be a starter the is M 12.5% F 87.5%

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It's random
You can get a female but there is only a 12.5% chance
Therefor a 87.5% chance for male so if you want a female starter keep restarting game

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Thanks. It's just so annoying that there's such a small chance of a female starter. Me and my level 100 female Infernape are quite frankly confused on this. In my opinion it should be 50/50.