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Hi. I've recently come back to ORAS in order to complete my dex in X, and I found out about getting the starters from other generations. So, I went to route 101, which Birch is supposed to be. Keep in mind I have already completed the Delta Episode. So I then beat the Elite Four again, and still, Birch is nowhere to be found?!
Would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.
P.S.: If it has something to do with the amount of times I have beaten the Elite Four, I know I have done it at least twice, once to complete the game, and then once as soon as this problem arose, when I came back to play ORAS. Otherwise, it could be as much as 10 times, or as little as the 2 aforementioned!

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I mean i beat the elite four the second time and got the starter so im not sure why you arent getting it.
Yeah, he doesn't give it to you in the lab, he gives them to you in the first rout :P
Yeah like Stakatacool said it isnt in the lab , i think the charms are in the lab but not the starters. He will be running from his wife or a kid or something on the first route
you have to enter your house, then exit. I've done it multiple times. It works, if you fulfill the necessary requirements
You do have to meet him out at Route 101

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To get the choice of Johto starters, you have to meet Zinnia in the Delta Episdoe in Route 101. To get the choice of the Sinnoh starters, you have to enter the Hall of Fame twice ( beat the elite four and champion twice) in Route 101. To get the choice of the Unova starters, you have to clear the Delta Episode and they are found in Route 101 with Birch there all 3 times. You don’t get the choice of Kanto, Hoenn ,or Kalos because Kanto and Kalos starters were found in X and Y, and obviously already get your pick of the Hoenn starters. You can only get one pick per starter trio.

Trust me I know my source is the official ORAS Pokédex and experience you just have to meet him at where you got your first starters