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I'm doing my new competitive team and I'm having a lot of work with IVs.

I'm currently doing tests with a Heracross, I caught one in a Friend Safari with IV: Atk, Def and I'm trying to get an egg with at least 4IVs, I'm using a Jolly Ditto with IV Spe, S.Def. After more than 20 eggs I finally got a Heracros with 3 IV: Atk, Def, Spe Jolly.

I used:

Female Moxie Heracross IV: Atk, Def + Jolly Ditto IV: Spe, S.Def

I did both way, Heracros with Destiny Knot + Ditto with Everstone and Heracross with Everstone and Ditto with Destiny Knot.

Is taking too long, most of the time is coming with Heracros IV: Atk, Def

Is there a faster way to get perfect IVs?


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No, this is pretty much the fastest way to get it by doing it yourself. If you wanted to you could always go trade for one but otherwise this is the fastest way.
You were just unlucky with the eggs, seeing how you kept getting 2-3 IVs.

IV breeding is a long process to explain but you can learn more about it here, if you wanted to.

Source: Knowledge and the link above

Hope I helped.

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The explanation is quite big and confusing.So look here instead.

Hope I helped!