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Theres a few thing I just needed to know because I'm thinking of getting y and I already have x who ever answers correctly gets best answer

  • if the game is changed over and you use the same FC what happens
  • if I use a different D's to trade among them then take x out and put y back in what happens.
  • at what part at the start can. Begin to use trading.

I hope you can answer I really need help


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Answer 1

If someone registers your FC, it will count that they have two seperate friends, instead of just 1

Answer 2

Nothing will happen.

Answer 3

You can trade on the GTS as soon as you catch a second Pokémon, as it won't allow you to trade your starter without another Pokémon in your party.
PSS can be used for communication and battles as soon as you get your starter.


Answer 1-Knowledge

Answer 2-Knowledge

Answer 3-This

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Thank you so much its just what I was looking for thank you