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I will tell you all the exact details of what happened:

I was on route 15, to the north where you go up a waterfall. I opened the bag and selected the key items pocket. I used the circle pad to scroll down, and I saw the bicycle hilighted in yellow. One space below that, where the mega ring should have been, it said bicycle again. I selected it, and the yellow went away. I scrolled down and up again, and it turned into the mega ring!

What happened here?

That's probably just a glitch, nothing more.
Yeah I figured that. I'm trying to find out the exact conditions for it to happen.
That won't happen.

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don't worry, this is only a minor happening. What happens is that sometimes the game may mis-read a line of coding, therefor making something appear more than once or etc. This mostly happens in 3DS games because of how complex the coding is.

Source: friend's older brother works at Nintendo

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blaming "complex coding" is just an excuse for lazy programming
OK, it was very weird when it happened.

Because it went back to the mega ring when it scrolled off the screen and on again, maybe that shows how the bag is programmed: it re-reads everything when it goes off the screen.

And I don't think Nintendo is lazy.