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I was doing a random matchup doubles battle, and using my Exeggutor holding heat rock. It previously used sunny day, and the next turn it used solar beam. But it took two turns as if there was no sunlight! Why!?

Was it something to do with it being a double battle, or a random matchup battle?

I didn't think of that.
Wait, I got it.
What do you mean? You've got the answer, or you've got the replay? How do I even see other people's replays?

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Your opponent had the ability Cloud Nine or Air Lock. Both negate weather effects, therefore negating the lower charge time of Solarbeam. The following Pokemon have this ability:

Cloud Nine:
Lickitung (HA)
Lickilicky (HA)
Swablu (HA)
Altaria (HA)

Air Lock:

Source: Knowledge and testing it here.

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You cant use Rayquaza in Random Matchup
Oooooooooooooh that's what it was the opponent had a golduck with cloud nine! Its so obvious now thanks!
I've used it before :P

It's random