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The only difference I can see between them is that one is physically defensive, and the other is specially defensive. So is there a reason that Slowbro (at least in my experience) is used a lot more often than Slowking is?

I always thought it was because of amnesia... It boosts slowking's already high special defenses, while leaving his only decent defense the same.

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>Slowking is usually overlooked in UU in favor of Slowbro, whose higher physical defense lets it defend against dangerous offensive behemoths such as Darmanitan and Victini. However, there are a few specially offensive threats in UU, most notably Kingdra, that make Slowking worth looking into.

UU Gen 5 Analysis for Slowking ^

>It also faces direct competition from its physically defensive cousin Slowbro, who is often preferred for its ability to counter many of the game's powerful Fighting-types and a generally better typing for tanking physical attack

OU Gen 5 Analysis for Slowking ^

So to sum it up? It seems that the typing Slowking and Slowbro possess is better for tanking physical moves rather than special moves. Also alot of the Specially Offensive Pokemon that decimate Slowking do the same to Slowbro - Roserade, Zapdos, Raikou and Shaymin.

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thanks, that makes sense.
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while slowking IS the king of RU, the reason slowking is used more in OU and UU is because it, unlike slowking, is not outclassed by other bulky waters. Things like milotic outclass slowking, and the main thing that slowking would want to wall is fighting types, which it cannot do as well as slowbro. there's just simply more demand for a physically defensive water, making slowking outclassed.

You said Slowking instead of Slowbro at one point, but I got what you mean :) thanks.