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I'm getting y I already have x but I want to transfer Pokemon from that to y and I need two 3ds and friend codes how do I set his up to make it work.

Take a master team of level 100ds and beat Viola!
My friends keep saying that but it would be boring then

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If you have a friend's FC, you can borrow their 3DS and transfer Pokemon like that, or you could use Pokemon Bank (free ndownload from the E-shop, but $5.36 initially once you go into PB. The $5.36 is to purchase a pass to be able to actually use Pokemon Bank). Once you get Pokemon Bank, you can deposit your Pokemon from X into the bank, insert Y, and withdraw them in Y.

- Bits and pieces of what I've heard and what I gathered from this issue (not really an issue, but you get it :P )
- http://www.pokemonxy.com/en-us/strategy/

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Yeah I already had pokemon bank but it expired and I'm not aloud to use money can u use a eshop gift card to pay for it
I'm not entirely sure about that. I'll have to check and see. I've downloaded PB, but haven't been able to use it yet because I haven't paid for the pass yet. I don't have an E-Shop gift card, either, so I can't test the gift card.
Yeah I'm not sure either
If I find out if it works, I'll let you know :)
OK thank you so much
No problem :)
Okay so I checked the different ways to pay, and you CAN use a Nintendo gift card to buy a Pokemon bank pass!