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As of Gen Vi you can add a max of 252 ev's to a single stat.

Example:- 252 speed/252 attack and 4 sp.def = Total (510)
In previous gen's it was aloud to be 255 x 2 = 510. It's been downgraded and forced players to add 4 ev's elsewhere.

I think the above summaries the question, since it's quiet a short question.

Resource - exp.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you so much c:
You did the same thing as me, except with a weird example?
oh, I only commented on the question. I'll read other posts next time.
how does 252+252+4=510?
Example:- 252 speed/252 attack and 4 sp.def = Total (508) actuall But since you can't add 253 to a single ev stat. 252 is max. and 252/252 and 6 isn't aloud... so max stats are 508 but seems rounded to 510. Hope I helped..
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No, 252 is the maximum amount of EVs you can train on a Pokemon. However, you can have a total of 510 EVs which means two stats can have 252 EVs trained on to them.

Source: Experience.