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Pokemon that simply wouldn't work unless you give them the full 252/252 EV's in 2 stats. I'm looking for lesser known Pokemon. EX: Gengar must have 252 speed, and maybe 252 Special attack.

I'm looking for less common Pokemon like this.

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Just to add - There's another play style for gengar.

Gengar. Calm nature 252def & 252 sp.def 4hp;Toxic - Hex - Destiny bond (when you now your going down) - Protect

Works surprisingly well!

Here's a small list of Pokemon that work well with 252 and 252 with 4 ev.

  • Electivire - jolly nature (Has strong attack anyway)
  • Excadrill - (Yes somepeople use this) Adamant nature - Mold Breaker -
  • Ferrothron - Defensive nature/ (not entirely preffered, cause of it's awesome def.)
  • Talonflame - Priority bird (252 attack. Speed not a neccesitybecause of priority) except for needing it's flare blitz) others may suggest otherwise though :P.
  • Mega Pinsir - Adamant nature is awesome with this.
  • Charizard Mega X & Y -Jolly nature for X version and Timid for Y.. My preferred game style, they're strong enough without extra nature boosts) just my opinion.
  • Diggersby 252 attack 252 speed
  • Mienshao 252 attack 252 speed
  • Medicham 252 attack 252 speed
  • Flareon 252 attack 252 speed
  • Raichu 252 special attack 252 speed

I've answered with experience, if you feel this is a wrong answer for the question provided, please just post a small comment and i'll --hide-- it.

Hope I Helped!

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Just to add - Most of the above are 252atk, 252 speed and 4hp
Ferrothorn rarely runs a 252 252 4 spread
Jolly for Y and Timid for X... did you mean the other way around?
umm probs, i wrote a lot.. As for ferrothorn. I've run it as speed and attack. It's not as good as sp.def though but has been done.