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This is in Pokemon X/Y

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Do you mean, what pokemon will breed with this pokemon, because that means it needs a different title.... ''get along very well'' means it's breeding with a compatible pokemon.. E.g egg breeding groups..... and companion's such as same types and dittos...

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Any Pokemon in the Amorphous egg group will breed with it, although it has to be the opposite gender. It can also breed with a Ditto.

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I tried asking him to be more specific - but I guess you got there first. Vague answer though.
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It needs to be in the Amorphous egg group but to get "gets along very well" (if the lampent is yours) you will need a Pokemon from the Amorphous egg group and it needs to be from another person.

Hope I helped.

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Well my Lampent is from Japan, so will he get along very well with a Ditto I caught?
You will need a pokemon from the amorphous egg group to get "gets along very well. With ditto its never the best its "gets along well" if i remember right
I'm trying with a Litwick and I just get "they seem to get along"