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I have a Shiny Espeon that I've had since Pokemon Platinum version. A friend gave it to me as an egg and I hatched it and raised it myself. Yet when I moved it through pokebank and then checked on it in Pokemon X, it's name and region became Japanese. I'm really confused as to why.


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The name will change to your chosen language when it evolves Since poke'bank is like a trade it acts correspondingly.

Japanese Purrloin チョロネコ to english Purrloin. Transferred via poke bank or evolved state in-game takes on the new. Which is ''your desired language'' e.g. system set up as English...

Same as evolving, Just to clarify, evolve a 
forgein Pokemon and it becomes your chosen 
language, (chosen language) means language 
set up on Nintendo ds system.
Unless I'm misreading, that makes even less sense as this is the only pokemon I have transferred through pokebank to change its name on it's own. I had a Japanese Milotic I sent through and its name did not change. as well as probably close to 100 other pokemon go through with English names that did not change to Japanese. My 3DS (as are all my systems) are set to English/US
The Japanese milotic could've been nicknamed meaning it won't change name......
Just checked on the Milotic and the name it has is "ミロカロス" which is simply Japanese for Milotic.
that's strange then, poke bank and traded pokemon with evolution afterwards always take on there evolution name
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I have noticed it does this whenever I transfer in Pokemon from older versions. The PokeTransporter has also changed some of my Pokemon from having nicknames to having none. (Ex. I had a Hitmonchan nicknamed Hitmon-kun who lost the nickname.) if no transporter is involved, I think it stays the same. Correct me if I am wrong :-)