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I was interesting in breeding thing, so I do lot breeding and I found few things wrong in here. (Most (if not all) Pokemon I breeding is I got from trade!)

  1. I was breeding a Phione I got in trade, my Phione egg was eventually hatched into Lv. 1 Phone. But! the hatched Phione had exactly move it's mother had, which is: Water Pulse, Aqua Ring, Dive and Rain Dance.

  2. My Oshawott had Hydro Pump and Waterfall move.

  3. My Snivy had Leaf Blade, Gastro Acid and Cut

  4. Gible had Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush and Dig

  5. My Starly had Wing Attack, Endeavor, Whirlind and Fly.

The only normal Pokemon I get is Larvesta which move is Ember and String Shot

And I don't know if there is any all since I haven't hatched all eggs. I got scared, is this a glitch or something? Should I release this Pokemon?

Is this possible? I breeding my Naive Eevee and got two eggs. They hatched into Male and Female Eevee with Naive nature too!

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  • Water Pulse - Your Pokemon knows this because both of the parents learn it through level-up. You learn here that if both Pokemon can learn the same move through level-up, the offspring (assuming the offspring can learn the move via level-up) will inherit the move. This is also generally the case for a few of your offspring's move, so I'll just refer to it as 'Level-Up Breeding'
  • Aqua Ring - Level-Up Breeding
  • Dive - Level-Up Breeding, and/or maybe if the father had the move Dive in his moveset, this may also be how Phione inherited his/her Dive move. This concept also occurs a bit throughout this, so I'll just refer to it as 'TM and HM breeding'.
  • Rain Dance - Level-Up Breeding and/or TM and HM Breeding


  • Hydro Pump - Level-Up Breeding
  • Waterfall - Level-Up Breeding and/or TM and HM breeding


  • Leaf Blade - Level-Up Breeding
  • Gastro Acid - Level-Up Breeding
  • Cut - Level-Up Breeding and/or TM and HM breeding


  • Dragon Claw - Level-Up Breeding and/or TM and HM Breeding
  • Dragon Rush - Level-Up Breeding
  • Dig - Level-Up Breeding and/or TM and HM Breeding


  • Wing Attack - Level-Up Breeding
  • Endeavor - Level-Up Breeding
  • Whirlwind - Level-Up Breeding
  • Fly - (TM and) HM Breeding

As for your Naive Eevee dilemma, I can't imagine that's anything but amazing luck. Unless one of the Naive parents had an Everstone, which passes down natures, then I really can't say anything further about that. But, congratulations, you've got twinsies. :P xD

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Above Link and Experience

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Well it's not, I mean the pokemon hatched from the egg learn this move already. I thought Phione doesn't had Egg move?
Yeah, I know that. Not only do Pokemon get egg moves when they hatch, they also get other moves - read the link. :)
You can actually get twins? Awesome :D