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In my first visit to Cyllage hotel I was given by a tourist on the first floor a lava cookie, stating it was Mount Chimney's speciality. After finishing my game, I visited Cyllage hotel again and on the first floor there was a maid instead (maybe tourist as well) on the same spot and instead traded me an Eevee nicknamed Stevie (which was holding a rare candy) for any of my Pokemon. Not only that, but when I visited Coumarine hotel the bagpacker on the first floor gave me a "Strange Souvenir".
I found this rather interesting and wanted to know all that is possible in hotels (who knows what surprises the tourists bring from other regions!).

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And here is the answer! :D

Well, there are some items that will be received when you talk to the person consecutively after a certain amount of days. So yeah, if you want to get some interesting things you'll have to talk to socialise. Something weird to do in the world of Pokemon, normally we'd just battle. :P

First Floor (never rotates, though I felt they should be noted)

  • TM96 Nature Power
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM88 Sleep Talk
  • Full Heal
  • Lucky Egg (if you're friendly)
  • TM55 Scald (if you correctly answer the boy's Pokedex quiz)

Second Floor (the interesting floor xD)

Remember, the people rotate on this floor so you have to check all the hotels for the person you want to talk to. Just talk to everybody, they all give pretty cool stuff. :P

  • Destiny Knot (given straight away)
  • Mr. Bonding (always there, in five of the six Kalos hotels, I believe. Whatever, he's mostly there. xD)
  • Daily Ribbons (in certain places this girl will show up in the second room, and will give you a ribbon depending on where she is and what day it is. Refer here for more info, the ??? is Couriway Hotel)
  • Certificate (the Game Director can be found lurking the hotels, giving away certificates for completing the Pokedex)
  • Super Secret Magikarp! (found after three days of consecutively talking to the hiker, he will offer his Magikarp named 'Carpe Diem' (xD) for a Gyarados. Magikarp sucks though so don't bother with this guy. Funny enough, he calls Gyarados a Kalos-native Pokemon. :P)
  • Rage Candy Bar (found after three days of consecutive talking to some person I can't remember. Rage Candy Bars are useless, but are could souvenirs I guess xD)
  • Eevee Trade (after three days of consecutively talking to the maid, she will offer an Eevee named Stevie, holding a Rare Candy. She will ask for anything)
  • Strange Souvenir (after four days of consecutively talking to the backpacker, he'll give you this from his region, which is supposedly a new region. The Strange Souvenir has no use, but it may have something to do in his 'new region' whatever that may be? :o)
  • Lava Cookie (after four days of consecutively talking to someone she'll give you a Lava Cookie. Cool.)
  • Strong Trainer Profiles (after four days of consecutively talking, there'll be a dude that will talk about strong trainers. It's nothing interesting, don't worry :P)

It should be noted there can be some dialogue changes as you chat to people. Again, nothing interesting, but dialogue changes they are. :P

Hope I helped. :)
Source, my game, Above Link.

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Wow that means this question is going to help me get a Magikarp. Thanks a lot! (happy to know someone bothered answering)