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It can be any type combonation, but the ability and item must exist.

PS the only item I could think of that provides an immunity is Air Balloon, but I wasn't sure if there was any others (which is why the title is vague)

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Other than Shedinja with Wonder Guard and Focus Sash, which can basically survive anything, a Pokemon can only be immune to three types. These Pokemon are:

Chandelure (Flash Fire)
Rotom (Normal)
Jellicent (Water Absorb)

Note, Rotom and Mismagius have the Levitate Ability, so this is why they get a third immunity. Misdreavus should also be on this list, with the Levitate ability. Why did you leave out Misdreavus. ;_;

Also, minus Misdreavus, Rotom and Mismagius any of these Pokemon holding the Air Balloon earns a temporary fourth immunity to Ground. But of course, overall, Shedinja wins. Hooray! :D

And with sixth generation types and new Pokemon, a few Pokemon can be added:

Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash
Mega Gengar

Hope I helped. :)

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Shedinja with Wonder Guard
- 13 immunities

Non-existent (i.e. hacked)
Poison/ Dark with Wonder Guard & Air Balloon
Electric with Wonder Guard & Air Balloon
- 18 immunities (full immunity)
Ghost/ Dark with Wonder Guard
Bug/Steel with Wonder Guard
Water/ Ground with Wonder Guard
Normal with Wonder Guard
- 17 immunities

In Gen IV, if you hacked:
??? type with Wonder Guard
- 17 immunities (full immunity)

I'm not entirely certain if ??? exists past Gen IV, so I included it separately.

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There aren't very many but I have an idea for a hackmon. Jolteon with wonder guard and air balloon.

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Sorry I misworded the question. I meant immunities.
Well any Electric type would work for that, or you could use Eelektrik and give it a different item...
Or Drapion/stunky line with air balloon