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Are there ANY? I cant find any aside from Shedinja.

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Actually, there are quite a few! Other than Shedinja, who has LOADS of immunities, here is a handy list of Pokemon.
In bold is the Pokemon, in italics is if you need a specific forme or ability. I've grouped together all Pokemon of the same evo line, since theyre often similar.

-Aegislash, Doublade and Honedge (normal, fighting, poison)

-Spiritomb (normal, fighting, psychic)

-Sableye (normal, fighting, psychic)

-Gengar, Haunter and Gastly (normal, fighting, ground)

-Drifblim and Drifloon (normal, fighting, ground)

-Golurk and Golett (normal, fighting, electric)

-Mismagius and Misdreavus (normal, fighting, ground)

-Jellicent and Frillish with Water Absorb (normal, fighting, water)

-Chandelure, Lampent and Litwick with Flash Fire (normal, fighting, fire)

-Rotom in Normal Forme (normal, fighting, ground)

-Giratina-Origin (normal, fighting, ground)

-Duskull with Levitate (normal, fighting, ground)

-Azurill with Sap Sipper (ghost, dragon, grass)

Going to add Shedinja's immunities, because. xP
Shedinja (normal, fighting, poison, ground, bug, steel, water, grass, electric, psychic, ice, dragon, fairy)

Some Pokemon might also gain/lose an immunity from items/moves. Example: Air Balloon Damp Jellicent.

Source and also searching and verifying with Bulbapedia's handy type effectiveness chart for all Pokemon.

Might be missing a few, I'll add them in if I find any, please comment if I missed one.

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Actually the Gastly line doesn't have levitate now.
Ghastly and Haunter still have Levitate. Only Gengar has Cursed Body :P
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People are free to answer this question with an updated list, or I can just edit the current lists if y'all lazy.
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There are actually quite a few Pokemon with 3 immunities.

Rotom (Regular)
Types: Electric, Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Immune to: Normal, Fighting, Ground

Types: Normal, Fairy
Ability: Sap Sipper
Immune to: grass, Ghost, Dragon

Litwick line
Types: Ghost, Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
Immune to: Normal, Fire, Fighting

Frillish line
Types: Ghost, Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Immune to: Water, Ghost, Fighting

Ghastly line
Types: Ghost, Poison
Ability: Levitate
Immune to: Fighting, Normal, Ground
(Note: Mega Gengar does not have Levitate, it is not immune to ground)

Golett line
Types: Ghost, Ground
Ability: Any
Immune to: Normal, Fighting, Electric

Misdreavus line
Types: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Immune to: Fighting, Normal, Ground

Types: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Immune to: Ground, Fighting, Normal

Drifloon line
Types: Ghost, Flying
Ability: Any
Immune to: Ground, Normal, Fighting

Honedge line
Types: Ghost, Steel
Ability: Any
Immune to: Normal, Poison, Steel

Types: Ghost, Dark
Ability: Any
Immune to: Fighting: Psychic, Normal

Types: Ghost, Dark
Ability: Any
Immune to: Psychic, Fighting, Normal

Giratina (Origin)
Types: Ghost, Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Immune to: Ground, Fighting, Normal

You can give as well as take immunities with items and moves.
Immunity giving items:
Air balloon (The Pokemon is given immunity to ground type moves)

Immunity taking items :
Iron Ball (Makes Flying-type and levitating holders susceptible to Ground moves.)
Ring target (Moves that would otherwise have no effect will land on the Pokémon that holds it.(Example: Normal type moves would hit a Ghost type))

Immunity giving moves:
Conversation2 (User changes type to become resistant to opponent's last move.)
Magnet Rise (User becomes immune to Ground-type moves for 5 turns.)

Immunity taking moves:
Gravity (Prevents moves like Fly and Bounce and the Ability Levitate for 5 turns.)

Many times it also depends on what ability the Pokemon has.
I did not mention Shedinja because you already did. Shedinja also is the only Pokemon with more than three immunities.
Hope I helped!


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Type: Fairy/Ghost
Ability: Any
Immune to: Fighting, Dragon, Normal

Type: Ground/Ghost
Ability: Any
Immune to: Fighting, Electric, Normal