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I have both the ruby and sapphire gems in fire red. As well as the national pokedex in both games. My trading cable works when trading between my first and second generation games so I know its not faulty. When I go try to trade or battle it stays on the message that states "please wait.... Press B to cancel". I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong. I made sure to have at least 2 pkmn in each party before attempting too and I'm still stuck without the ability to link my games. Please help I'm thoroughly frustrated.

Did you go back to One Island to talk to Celio after getting the gems?
Maybe the cable doesn't work for gen 3. Have you tried trading between Hoenn games or between Kanto games?

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You say it's not the cable because you use it for gen 1 and 2. That means it's a GB/GBC cable. Gen 3 requires a GBA cable.

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Okay first you have to CATCH 60 Pokemon for your pokedex, then defeat the elite 4 & the champion, then go to 1 island, to talk to Celio(at the Pokemon center) talk to him, then go to Mount.Ember,
Notice, there are team rockets digging for something, they dug a cave, defeat them, then go inside the cave,
(you need strength & rock smash) go deeper & you will have an Item called "ruby", get it & give it to Celio, he will give you a rainbow pass, go to any island.
If you can, go to 6 island, (don't surf, go to the grass, then you will find a cave called "Dotted Hole",
Use cut on the door of the dotted hole, it will open, go deeply in the cave, there is an item called sapphire, then a professor will get the sapphire, he will give you the password to the Team Rocket warehouse in 5 island,
Go inside, pawn the grunts, & the professor who got the sapphire is there, battle him, & gives you the sapphire, go to 1 island, give it to celio & now, you can access the trade to emerald, sapphire, ruby, versions !

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I have both national pokedex already and returned both gems to celio and talked to him afterwards. He now asks what my favorite Pokemon is. I still cannot trade! Please actually read my question before answering.