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I don't see many use it, mainly because there's a better move - Blizzard. Still, what Pokemon is Icy Wind suitable for? I was thinking maybe Sealeo before it evolves?

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In-game or competitive may be a suitable question... :3

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Under normal circumstances, no, it's barely usable and is wildly outclassed by Ice Beam, Freeze Dry and Hidden Power Ice. Those moves should always be considered before looking at Icy Wind.
However, if you are playing doubles, Icy a Wind is much more usable than it is in ordinary singles. The 100% Speed drop is invaluable in a metagame that isn't switching so much, and it allows Pokemon like Cresselia to elevate its low Speed. It's a great support move with great distribution which should always be considered on teams lacking Trick Room or Tailwind.

Source: Been using it successfully for months.

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Or if your name is Keldeo Icy Wind is a perfectly viable alternative over HP Ice >.>
There's always a exception to confirm the rule :P
But yeah, Keldeo's awful coverage make Icy Wind a viable alternative for it in singles, but that's pretty much the only to have that situation.