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I never really used the move, but I was wondering what were the pros/cons of it before I decide to teach it to my Garchomp or Scolipede or something else (in-game purposes). Also, do you recommend a Pokemon that is best suited with the move? Thanks!

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earthquake is better
Earthquake is more damaging for the most part, but in doubles or triples (which isn't usually happening in-game) you can use it to lower the speed of all opposing Pokemon (like Earthquake, the parnter ideally levitates or flies).

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No, you're better off teaching Scolipede and Garchomp Earthquake (both learn it by TM).
As for a Pokemon that is good with Bulldoze, well...... Bulldoze should only be taught to a Pokemon if they cant learn Earthquake or a better Ground move, 60 Damage is good enough for in-game until you get the Earthquake TM.

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That's what I was thinking. Thanks!
In Black/White 2, you can teach Arcanine Bulldoze for getting past Elesa quickly, but then you'll have to remove it.
Seriously, 60 is the equivalent of Water Pulse...
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http://pokemondb.net/move/earthquake EARTHQUAKE FACTS
http://pokemondb.net/move/bulldoze BULLDOZE FACTS
I personally prefer Earthquake as it has more Power but up to you


Charizard does well with Earthquake- covers weakness
Garchomp does as well for STAB
Torterra works for me

Other Pokemon-


Emboar- My Emboar has Bulldoze

(I don't use Bulldoze much- but the link up there tells you all the Pokemon that can learn it)

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