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And can hacked HA legends be poke transported?

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Nope it was only obtainable by hacking. To answer you second question I must say it depends. If you make it like 252EVs in each stats then no but if you make it legit yes. I actually got a Volt Absorb Raikou (with pokerus) that passed trough pokebank. But I traded it for a shiny but yes.

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I don't understand what u mean by "depends"and btw how can a hacked poke be legit?(ha legends are unreleased Legitly)
Like you see unligitematily stats can't pass. But it worked with the raikou that had a hacked ability. Other pokemon also got passed like a lv 1 gengar and master ball totodile
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Not yet, I believe. There might be an HA tornadus, thundurus, and landorus event in the future, sorry. And no, hacked legendaries(or any hacked Pokemon really) can be transferred through pokebank.
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