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Here is another question for you Pokemon Masters.

This may sound silly but I wanted to be sure before I did this.
I am about to trade a Machop and an Abra from Pokemon Pearl to Heartgold. I have two DS's and have done all the in game requirements.

What I wanted to ask was, when I trade these Pokemon over into Heartgold, they won't evolve straight away will they? I want to get my Machop and Abra up to L.30 (as well as naturally evolve them into Machoke and Kadabra) and then re - trade them to pearl, and then trade them back again to Heartgold.

I want them to evolve at this time, so; do they evolve straight way from their first form? or can I trade them without having to worry about them evolving till later on?
Also, can I trade back and forth as many times as I want?
As after I trade from pearl to heart gold, I'm going to have to trade back to pearl again and then AGAIN back to Heartgold for their final evolutions. So the same Pokemon trading three times.

I am also going to do this for the gastly and the slowbro and scyther I'm going to capture.

Pokemon Masters hit me up! You're a legend if you can answer super quickly :)

Well obviously, you have to trade them when they're Machoke / Kadabra to evolve. If this is for dex entries in both games, then you may need to trade 3 times minimum.

Machop <-> Abra
(level them up a bit)
Kadabra <-> Machoke
(they evolve when traded)
Machamp <-> Alakazam

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If you trade Machop and Abra from Pearl to HG, no, they will not evolve. Only Machoke and Kadabra will evolve via trade, not Machop or Abra, as they will only evolve at L28 into Machoke and L16 into Kadabra respectively.

If you trade Machoke and Kadabra from HG to Pearl, yes, they will evolve as soon as the trade is finished. There is no way to stop them from evolving except giving them an Everstone to hold when being traded. So if, after your first trade from Pearl into HG, you levelled the Machop & Abra up to Machoke and Kadabra, the will evolve on the second trade from HG back to Pearl, unless they're both holding an Everstone when traded.

You can also trade back and forth as many times as you want; there's no limit to how many times you trade a Pokemon.

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AWSOME answer! Thanks so much :)