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If a Pokemon wins every award in Super Training, that Pokemon becomes a 'Supremely Trained Pokemon'. Does this mean that it gets stat boosts beyond EVs?

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The most you can train any Pokémon for competitive battling is to max its base stats in Super training. So no, after these stats are maxed, continuing to take on Super Training regimens will not increase any stats or do anything similar to that. There aren't any stat boosts beyond EVs, sorry.

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Each Pokemon has 508 useful EV's to spend and this is the MAX! it cannot go higher for any Pokemon. Secret Super Training does nothing but rewards you with special in-game items found here > Serebii.net

You can Ev train via Super training or Horde battling, Horde battling is far easier mind because with the right items/stats you could earn 60 attack ev's in 1 battle and probably max a Pokemons ev's in just under 15 minutes.

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