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Is there any way to finish the game quicker than usual? I restarted my profile and now I'm having some trouble finishing it.

Are there any ways to finish the games quicker?

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The only thing you need- Torchic and Blazikenite :P
Choose Froakie or Squirtle though.

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Here are some ways to speed the game up:

1) If you have already played the game don't waste time reading all the dialogue, skip through it all by constantly pressing the A or B button.

2) Don't waste time collecting items, if you want you can go back and collect them after you've finished the game.

3) Run away from any wild Pokémon or use repels to decrease encountering wild Pokémon.

4) Don't do anything that is not needed to complete the game e.g. planting berries, breeding, purchasing outfits and accessories throughout the boutiques, Pokémon-Amie etc. If you want to do these things you can do them after you've completed the game.

5) Transfer high level Pokémon to your game- this goes without saying transferring high level Pokémon to your game makes the game far more easier. Although not as fun it makes it easier to defeat your opponents and speeds up the game in the process. Just make sure your Pokémon doesn't exceed the obedience level because if they do your Pokémon will stop listening to you. Click here to find out more about obedience.

6) Don't worry about EV's, IV's, Natures etc. Honestly these things aren't important in game, you can defeat the Elite 4 and Champion with pretty much any Pokémon so forget these things for the time being. EV's, IV's and Natures are only really important when battling competitively and maybe in the Battle Maison. Besides as you progress through the game the likelihood is that you'll defeat many Pokémon and gain EV's in Stats you didn't want any in.

Remember these things are just some ways to help speed the game up, I'm not saying you have to play the game like this I'm merely suggesting that by following these things you can complete the game sooner rather than later.

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-Choose Fennekin.
-Beat the first (Bug type) gym.
-Trade in some level 20 Pokemon.
-Continue playing the game with over-leveled Pokemon.

That's really the only way to quickly finish the game.

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Fennekin isn't that great for Viola, considering she leads with a Surskit and it uses Water Sport.
Finished in 13 hours by trading a few level 100s to the account >.< You can probably go through it faster if you don't go for any items and use repels :3
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If you have another Pokemon X/Y cartridge or a Pokemon B2/W2 cartridge, you can transfer stronger Pokemon to your new game.

However, depending on the level of the Pokemon you have, they may or may not listen to you.

What I suggest doing is playing normally up until you get the Cliff Badge, or if you're patient enough, the Rumble badge, and blaze through starting with at least 2 Pokemon that are 10 levels below the limit where your traded Pokemon starts to disobey you.

Traded Pokemon gain exp more easily than usual. You can use a lucky egg to make sure your Pokemon get the enough Exp. to dominate the Elite Four, but make sure they don't get to the point where they start to disobey you.

List of Badges and the level of Traded Pokemon that will obey you that result from the badge (in order of receiving):

Bug Badge: Up to Level 30
Cliff Badge: Up to Level 40
Rumble Badge: Up to Level 50
Grass Badge: Up to Level 60
Voltage Badge: Up to Level 70
Fairy Badge: Up to Level 80
Psychic Badge: Up to Level 90
Iceberg Badge: Up to Level 100