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I just want to know if a Pokemon with perfect IV's is stronger than the one that doesn't have perfect Iv's.


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Yes, for instance a Pokemon neither 31Ivs in Speed would be faster than identical Pokemon with only 4Ivs in Speed.

Source: Experience and Showdown!

Ah thank you.
This is really really pedantic, but IVs technically aren't the deciding factor. IVs are just extra numbers thrown into the mix to find your Pokemon's final stats. The final stats ultimately decide which Pokemon is stronger.
Ooh! Votes! But yeah fizz, I just simplified it to revise a quick, fairly detailed answer. I could otherwise write an essay on the subject of Ivs Evs and Natures, but I don't have the time ;)
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Very slightly. Once I was playing Pokemon Showdown! and wondered if the Iv's do anything. So I moved Iv's up and down and I found that every time I moved An Iv up once, it's respective Stat total of that stat would go up, and the same goes for moving it down, except that its respective stat total of that stat would go down.

Source: Experience (isn't that obvious?)

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IVs and EVs completely ignore each other. IVs only affect stats and hidden power types.
Leafy, Evs are the bar you move on smogon, not the stat itself... Perfect IVs (at level 100) add 31 to the pokemon's stat, while 252 EVs add (I forget at which level this first applies) 63 to the pokemon's stat... and then a positive nature multiplies the total by 1.1 :P

The 31 IV difference could be OHKOing that Landorus-T and leaving it with 2%HP to OHKO you :P