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Please help!I want some critique on my teams.
Suggestions are also welcome!

Heart Gold:

Umbreon with
~Dark Pulse
~Shadow Ball
~Confuse Ray

Typhlosion with
~Focus Blast

Dragonite with
~Dragon Claw
~Dragon Rush
~Wing Attack

Togekiss with
~Shock Wave
~Aura Sphere
~Aerial Ace

Ampharos with

~Power Gem

Quagsire with
~Ice Beam

X Team

I have:

A Sylveon with

~Shadow Ball
~Iron Tail

A Delphox with
~Mystical Fire
~Sunny Day

A Crobat with
~Sludge Bomb
~Air Slash

A Blastoise with
~Skull Bash

A Florges with
~Leaf Blade
~Grassy Terrain
~Grass Knot

A Lucario (Mega) with
~Close Combat
~Aura Sphere

Blastoise should have water pulse and dragon pulse, but the rest is pretty good.

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HeartGold Team
If you can, replace Thunderpunch / Charge (whichever you use the least) with Focus Blast, so you have something to hit Rock types that isn't weak to Rock itself. (besides Quagsire).

Replace Dragon Rush (or Outrage if you want) with Dragon Dance on Dragonite, so you can set up and destroy things...though you'd probably destroy them anyways.

Give Quagsire Waterfall instead of Surf, since its attack is better than its special attack. (if you really need to keep surf for something, wynaut give it to Dragonite?)

I can't really think of anything else...maybe give Togekiss Air Slash over Aerial Ace?

X Team

On Blastoise, replace Skull bash wiiiith...Flash Cannon or Dark Pulse?

...That's all I can think of.

Both of your teams are good and well-balanced (unless I'm missing out on some huge weaknesses), so you'll still be perfectly fine with the teams and moves you currently have. And since this is In-game, almost anything can work as well.

Keep skull bash please
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HG: Shadow Ball isn't really needed on Umbreon's moveset since you have STAB Dark Pulse and Psychic covers Fighting. Something else, maybe something annoying. For Dragonite, I recommend Fly over Wing Attack and pick one Dragon type attack. Dragon Dance for setting up, and maybe Roost as well. Togekiss needs special moves, I suggest Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Fire Blast and Shadow Ball; you have plenty of options here. For Ampharos, I suggest replacing Thunder Punch with Signal Beam.

X: Sylveon's physical power is limited, but Dig is better here than Iron Tail, as it covers Steel and Poison. Solar Beam can replace Mystical Fire for Delphox. Air Slash not needed on Crobat, can be replaced with Steel Wing/Roost/Taunt/something else. Since Blastoise isn't going mega, you can throw in a classic EQ to replace Skull Bash. Leaf Blade is useless on Florges, replace with Psychic for coverage or Calm Mind for sweeping power.

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Just add water pulse to your blastoise move set and take out blizzard because when you have blastoise mega stone it will work with its ability. Otherwise good!

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i really like those move sets! of course my suggestion for Umbreon would be this move set list:

-shadow ball

other than that, great choices for moves!