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The stars on the top right:
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Okay so when I am on Pokemon Y, I look through my profile and I see next to my Delphox (its surrounded by hearts) I see stars and next to the stars I see the number 160. What is that?
Sorry if I didn't describe well. I am talking about on the Pokemon Y profile, where you can answer those mini surveys.

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That shows the number of "nices" you have received. You may have experienced a series of stars and a cloud with "nice" written in it appear on the PSS screen. This means that you have just received a nice from another player. Nices are basically likes, to show you like that player or to say gg, etc.To give other players nices, you need to click their icon, then the "nice" button on the top right corner.

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Source: Experience

>Using the PSS, you'll have full access to your entire friend list, being able to see who is online and what they are doing in real-time. If you tap their icon, you will be given a variety of options. First, you can send them a "Nice" for their activities.


I can assure you that is what the icon does, and the star numbers represents the number of nices you received. I have done it countless times, and received nices in response. Also, it does say "nice" and a message even appears saying "you niced player"(to memory). It probably just takes time to register.

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Let me test this out and you will be selected
I think your wrong, i "nice" someone and there stars were still at 100, i disconnected and reconnected still at 100
I am pretty sure that I am correct. I will search for a source to back it up. I can't test it right now, because my 3DS can't connect to the internet at the moment.
Crimson is correct
Okies then :D