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I have a really cool BLACK SHINY CHARIZARD! Which should I Mega Evolve it to, X or Y?

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Congrats on your Shiny!

If looks are what you want, head over to http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Charizard_(Pok%C3%A9mon)#Sprites to compare how their Mega Evolution looks in a Shiny Form!

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Depends on the team

One is just straight up offense while the other can use set up and cause rage quits.

Mega Charizard Y


  • Massive sp.atk at 159
  • Access to reliable recovery (Roost)
  • Solar beam covers 2/3 of its weaknesses and those are 2 fairly common types (Rock and Water)
  • Overheat is beast in the sun with this thing
  • Access to Tailwind provides for good support for teammates in singles and doubles
  • Air Slash has that nifty 30% chance to flinch


  • x4 weakness to Stealth Rock means needs a spinner almost all the
  • 100 base speed isn't the greatest anymore
  • Easily predictable moveset
  • Although movepool is large, mostly physical so doesn't benefit Y much

Mega Charizard X


  • Doesn't have that nasty x4 SR weakness anymore
  • Eliminates electric weakness
  • Access to Roost and Dragon Dance makes for a great set-up sweeper
  • Dragon is a great type to have in the metagame
  • Tough Claws means Flare Blitz gets boosted to a scary 351! Not bad at all!


  • Unfortunately, no more flying type means no more ground immunity
  • Susceptible to Lando-T (scarf) and Lando-I before a DD
  • Intimidate almost completely stops the physical set
  • The moveset DD, Roost, Flare Blitz/Fire Punch/Dragon Claw is completely walled by Heatran

Well, now you know pros and cons though I might have missed many.
In a nutshell: X is physical and Y is special and the non EQ X variant is walled by Heatran. Use what your team needs

Hope this helps!

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