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What I mean is, what are the IVs and EVs on most/all NPC Pokemon? are they all perfect 6 31IVs? Are they determined randomly? Do they vary from Pokemon to Pokemon?

This seems pretty unanswerable, but you never know. So if this stays unanswered for too long, I will hide it.

I would advise you to hide it. There's really no way of knowing unless you hack.

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They will have natures and IVs because that's an integral part of the Pokemon data. The IVs are probably mediocre to avoid the game being too difficult.

>However, Joey's Rattata in HG/SS and earlier games is specifically programmed to have near-perfect IVs. Hence he always says it's in "the top percentage of Rattatas".

>Most of the regular trainers don't have EVs though, they act like "just caught" Pokemon. I believe some of the more difficult trainers like the Elite Four do have some EVs to make it more difficult. And by that time in the game all your Pokemon should have naturally acquired all their EVs.

This can be found here by Pokemaster.

Hope this helps.

So it varies? thanks.
People say that Cynthia's Garchomp have perfect EVs and IVs, not sure.
All Elite Four have perfect IVs, or so I've heard
I can use my hacks to see if its true :) i can catch there pokes ans they will be mine >:3
Joey's Rattata being in the top percentage of all Rattata? Pfft... might want to look here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/189269/is-joeys-rattata-really-in-the-top-percentage-of-ratattas
All E4 have perfect IVs, I captured one using AR, it as perfect in BW